Destiny Ministrys Testimonies

Miracle Drive with God’s Protection

This is a testimony from Shelby about a miracle trip she took with God’s divine protection
During a cold February several years ago I had to make a business trip to the far side of Montana from

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Miracle Camper Purchase in 2001

Agreeing For A Miracle Camper I sold my plumbing shop property in 2001 and after I paid off the note I had $13,000 extra above payoff. We decided to purchase an Overhead Pickup Camper and we also wanted the camper to have a slide-out. My wife wanted a new camper and I wanted a used […]

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Shocked by High Voltage Power Lines

Shocked by High Voltage and Lived. This is a testimony about how I was accidentally Shocked by High Voltage and lived to tell about it. I believe I need to tell everything that happened the prior day since it all ties together. It was about 1995 and I was mistakenly trying to earn the free […]

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Miracle Axis Deer Hunt

Axis Deer Hunt. When I was very young my dad taught me how to shoot an old 22 pump rifle. We lived out on the farm and always had lots of opportunities to have fun shooting that old Winchester rifle. Since I grew up shooting guns and doing outdoor stuff, deer hunting fit me like […]

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Mastectomy Miracle

First Mastectomy Breast Cancer. This is a testimony about a recent mastectomy my 76 year old mother had. My mother who is now 76 years old had a mastectomy about 5 years ago and it was very painful. The doctor cut limp-nodes out from under her arm and she had lots of pain from that […]

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87 Acre Land Miracle

Land Miracle Beginning. This is a testimony about how we came to own 87 acres accidentally speaking it into existence thru a land miracle from God. We lived at Lake Whitney for 6 months and drove to Burleson every day to go to work. It was about an hour drive one way and my wife […]

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