Mastectomy Miracle

First Mastectomy Breast Cancer.

This is a testimony about a recent mastectomy my 76 year old mother had. My mother who is now 76 years old had a mastectomy about 5 years ago and it was very painful. The doctor cut limp-nodes out from under her arm and she had lots of pain from that for almost a year. Many people prayed for her but she still had a very unpleasant experience.

Second Mastectomy Breast Cancer

In the last couple of years she developed ulcerated cancer in the other breast. This sore continued to grow and she did not want to go thru the pain of another operation. I read the daily devotionals to her almost every day and expounded the message each day to her in great extent. I explained to her about the blessings of Abraham which are earthly blessings for us to use here on this earth and a blessing in addition to the blessings of the church that everyone receives when they become a Christian. The more my mom heard God’s Word of faith preached to her the more she claimed these blessings that were promised to the seed of Abraham. She continued to claim these blessings and the cancer continued to grow instead of going away. It was ulcerated and started with a small hole but grew to the size of a silver dollar. She did not have hardly any pain because of the cancer, and she was not seeing a doctor or on any medication. She was simply claiming the blessings of Abraham for herself by faith, and believing God to heal her by faith, and believing according to Galatians 3 the blessings of Abraham were hers by faith. We had seen many miraculous healing’s so we were thinking God was going to do the same with her and were waiting on this miracle from God.

Mastectomy Miracle Operation

After almost two years had passed my mom was not worried about the cancer, she was just getting tired of having to clean the sore and bandage it. She decided to go to a doctor and see if they would just cut it out. I told her that I believed that no matter what she did the blessings of Abraham would be hers, with or without the operation. She went to a woman doctor who had a picture of Jesus on her wall in Arlington Texas. It seemed to my mom that this picture of Jesus was a sign from God that she was at the right place.

When time for the surgery came, my mom was not in any fear as in the previous surgery. She had confidence that God was with her, and the blessings of Abraham that were promised to her, were with her. After the surgery the nurse said I could go into the recovery room to see her. I went in and just as I arrived I heard her let out a “whew”. I said: “What is it mom?” She told me that the anesthesiologist had just given her a shot that made her high as a kite.  I asked him what he gave her and he said morphine. I said: “Mom were you in pain?”  She said no. I asked him why he gave her morphine since she was not in pain. He told me that it was standard procedure because she was going to be in a lot of pain. Then he told her, when she returns to her room, if she even feels a slight bit of pain to ask the nurse for more morphine. I didn’t like what he was saying and I guess the nurse who brought me in could tell I didn’t like it, so the nurse took me by the arm and led me right back out.  Later, after mom was settled into the hospital room, she was talking with us and moving her arm around where they had cut the limp-nods out from under. I said to her that she shouldn’t move that arm around so much. She shook the arm and pointed her finger in the air and said: “you’re right”. I kinda chuckled… she had no pain at all… This was a totally different experience for her from the experience she had with the first mastectomy surgery. The first surgery the pain was constant in the hospital and out of the hospital. With this second mastectomy surgery there was no pain at all. The difference was she had heard God’s word being preached to her for two years and she had received the blessings of Abraham that were promised to the Gentiles by faith, having claimed these blessings for herself. Praise the Lord for this mastectomy miracle operation!

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