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This page is for referrals to other Ministry information sites.

More Links Coming Soon

We will be linking more web sites to this page. We hope the links page will be a blessings to our members. We are going to place links here to different types of ministries that you may benefit from.

List of Links

We will be listing links below to various sites to help you find the references and help you need and for your convenience these are here.

Links To Other Web Sites

Lineage of Abraham and Israel

Open Door Church Joshua Texas This is a very good church where God’s blessing reside. They have a food bank where they distribute food to help the poor every other weekend.
Here is a YouTube video where they

The Importance Of Paitence By Tim Greenwood

God’s Generals Christian History

Tim Greenwood Ministries

Dan Downey Ministries

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

New Creation Church

Joseph Prince