Prayer for Salvation

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God in Heaven, I believe that you loved the world so much that you sent Your only begotten Son into this world to pay the penalties for my sins John 3:16. Jesus not only paid for my sins but He gave me the gift of His Righteousness whereby I qualify for all Your Blessings.

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I accept and receive Jesus as my savior and believe all my sins are washed away, past, present and future. I receive you as my Heavenly Father.

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Thank You Father, I have been made the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, I walk in holiness in Christ, I’m glorying in His Holiness, I am learning and endeavoring to walk and live by faith at all times. I’m a believer, I am not a doubter, Jesus purged my sins and I received Him, my sins have been purged, He is my Lord, He is my Righteousness, He is my King, He is everything in my life.

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It is like I started at the finish line. Father help me to know your when Your spirit is leading me from this point on as I endeavor to be a Christian.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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