Miracle Drive with God’s Protection

This is a testimony from Shelby about a miracle trip she took with God’s divine protection.
During a cold February several years ago I had to make a business trip to the far side of Montana from Northern Idaho. I had just bought a ‘new to me’ used Subaru with very low miles on it.  It had been sitting in someone’s  barn for a long time.  In spite of all that it started right up and ran like a dream.  I put 4 new studded snow tires in it in preparation for the trip, and had a mechanic friend look at it.

All seemed well and after a few more days of test driving I took off on my journey.  I got into Montana and after studying the map decided taking a shortcut through Glacier National Park was the way to go.

It was night and as I got closer to the park I began to have problems with the lights getting dim.  I stopped at a gas station along the way and a few kind, helpful folks looked at the car and decided the alternator belt was loose.  They tightened it, and the lights seemed to pick up brightness for several miles and then they started getting dim again.  I stopped again at the next gas station, and this time another kind soul cleaned  the battery terminals.

That too worked for a while.

I was nearly at the park by then, and since I still had lights, I took off.  The snow had started falling and swirling.  I picked my way carefully passed the park entrance booth.  There was no one there that winter’s night asking for money.  I took a fast glance at the map and discovered I was looking for “Going to the Sun” Road.  It was not long before I saw a sign, and began following it.  The road was narrow with very steep drops and a rock wall.  I was very interested in the rock wall as it looked rather like some I had seen in Kentucky that had been hand built.  I was also extremely glad it was there to keep me from sliding over the grade!

My lights became dimmer and dimmer, but I could see the snow which now seemed to be between one and two inches deep and an occasional sign.  I checked the map again realizing that it was actually closer to the nearest town to keep going rather than to turn around.

I remember clearly seeing a sign that said something about a summit.  It was at a very high elevation.  At first I thought the gate was closed, but as I got at a different angle the gate was open.  I felt this overwhelming relief that I did not have to go back.

By then, I was occasionally using my flashlight, hanging my arm out the window.  It was very cold. By then I knew I had definitely had a problem with the alternator and I kept the heat off most of the time, until I couldn’t stand it.  Then I’d put it on for a few minutes.

I exited the park and finally reached where I was going for the night and the fellow who owned the hotel charged the battery.

I did a lot of stopping and charging the battery the rest of the way there and on the way back and trying to find out what was wrong in the process.  After I had done what I had to do and was on  my way home I finally found someone who saw that the problem was the alternator bracket had broken at the base and fixed it long enough for me to get back.

A few years passed and I saw the fact that I had made it through the park as God helping me, and I was indeed grateful.

Some friends were going to Glacier National Park that summer and I managed to talk them into taking me with them.  I wanted to see the place in the daylight!

We took a trip up Going to the Sun Road.  As we went along I told them about my previous trip and pointed out the rock wall and other things I remembered.  I had seen much more than I would have thought possible.

We finally got up to the roads summit, and there was a visitors sign, so we went in and looked around.  I ran into one of the rangers there, and told her I had been by in the winter two years before.  She looked at me strangely, and asked me what month I was talking about.  She then began clicking off winter statistics.  My friends were standing by listening.  She told us that the part of the park was closed in the winter and the gates were shut and locked.  The visitor’s center  was not only closed that time of year but she told me the year I had come through, there was 68 feet of snow on top of the road at the pass because of drifting.

I was stunned and needed to go somewhere alone and sort what I had just heard out.  I excused myself and went back to the car.

Within moments, tears were running down my eyes.  I realized that the gate I had originally thought was closed, had been indeed closed.  God had not only opened it, but had removed huge amounts of snow,  had kept me safe in an extremely dangerous situation in a storm, had kept my car going even though the alternator was not working at all, and He got me to the next town as well.

Even now when I think of it, I am astounded.  To Him be the glory and may this account be an encouragement to you.

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