golgotha the place of a skull

Golgotha A Place of a Skull

I am sure you have seen motorcycles, tshirts, ornaments and many other things that have the image of a human skull. The motive for displaying these images these can vary but when I see a skull, especially on or about Easter I have thoughts about Jesus and what He did for me at the place of a skull. The bible tells us that Jesus was crucified at the place of a skull called Golgotha.

The Place of a Skullgolgotha the place of a skull

Matthew 27:33
And when they were come unto a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a skull…

When people were crucified at the place of a skull, that was the end of life on earth for them and they died in their sins. When Jesus was crucified at the place of a skull, the Bible tells us there he bore all the sins of the entire world in his own body (1 Peter 2:24) also paying the penalty of death. That in itself was an amazing thing that God would send His son to die for our sins taking the sins upon himself. But even though Jesus went to the grave from Golgotha, the grave could not hold the Son of God; 3 days after he arose from the dead, redeeming us from the curse and giving us the free gift of His Righteousness.

After the Place of a Skull

When Jesus went into the grave he didn’t stay there like ordinary men; three days later he arose from the grave. The sins he had taken into the grave were no longer with Him; he left them in the grave and arose conquering death, hell and the grave. This in itself would have been an amazing gift to mankind taking all their sins and restoring them back to the wonderful place that great grandfather Adam had before he caused all the inhabitants of the earth to fall into sin. But we have been given a better place than Adam had; we have been redeemed from what Adam did and restored to the blessings Adam had and we have the Righteousness of Jesus given to us as a free gift. We also have been given a position of equal inheritance and blessings with Jesus. WOW, what a gift. This gift of righteousness is the empowerment of those who believe and receive Jesus as their savior. Through faith and the gift of His righteousness they can live above all the danger, sickness, poverty and all that the curse had brought upon the earth.

Beloved, through this righteousness gift we have God our Father helping us to live above fear and oppression. This gift of righteousness brings all the blessings that Jesus deserves into our lives.

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