Read The Good News Today?

World News or Good News

Matthew 6:33
33… seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

In today’s fast pace world sometimes we wake up thinking: “Oh I have so much to do today, no way I have time to seek the kingdom today… I have to get busy if I am going to get it all done…” We have a promise from God that seeking His good news first will cause our needs to be met as God adds them to us. God’s good news won’t be found in the newspaper or on the television news channels. It would be better to read a “good news” newspaper instead of the “bad news” newspaper, but the world does not offer those. As we instill into our mind all the tragedies and bad news from the world, “bad news” is basically 99% of what is reported, your heart will be full of cares, anxieties and even fears. As you concentrate on the good news of God and read about the wonder working power of His word your expectation is transformed to trusting God to provide for you. By “seeking first” you give first place majority rule in your heart to what God’s word says. This helps your mind to be filled with faith instead of the other way around. We have so many special promises from God telling us that He is for us; we can easily find what it takes in the Bible to calm our anxieties and bring God’s special peace into our lives.

Good News for Your Provision

Jesus doesn’t want you to end up worrying about your life — what you will eat, drink or wear — as these are the things that the Gentiles (people of the world) seek. The good news for you is that your heavenly Father knows very well that you need these things. (Matthew 6:31–32)

That is why He promises you good news that if you would seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, all these things that the world seeks after will be added to you. It will not just be given but added, which means greater in quantity and quality!

If you are broke, don’t pursue money. Pursue the good news which is God your prosperity. If you are faced with lack, don’t pursue material goods. Pursue God your provider. If you are sick, don’t pursue the “cure”. Pursue God your healer. There is nothing wrong about reading newspapers, seeking work if you need money or going to the doctor, the point is to fill your heart with God’s solution for your provision by seeking the good news of God’s word first.

The Good News The World Seeks Is Yours!

We have been given the gift of righteousness and amazingly forgiven by grace. When you speak of the righteousness of Jesus that is gifted into your life, it not only fills your life with the kingdom of God but also helps others to seek His kingdom. Beloved, you honor God by speaking of His righteousness, as you do this you speak these truths into your life and into the lives of others. As you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all the things that the world is running after will be added to you!

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