danger of being shocked by high voltage

I was Shocked with High Voltage and Lived

Danger of being shocked with high voltageIn 1995 I was accidentally Shocked with High Voltage and lived to tell about it. I was having thoughts the day before this happened about my life as a Christian. I was mistakenly trying to earn the free gift of God’s righteousness by becoming deserving of it. Like most people, I was more conscious of my defects and my shortcomings instead of how Jesus had qualified me for all the Blessings in the Bible by His Right Standing not mine. At that time I didn’t understand how Grace was shown to the undeserving. I knew about Psalm 91 and believed it applied to me to save me from accidents like being shocked with high voltage. I had received the free gift of Righteousness but didn’t understand it. I was very discouraged by not living a perfect life I thought a Christian should live and never dreamed the next day I would be shocked with high voltage.

Day Before I was Shocked with High Voltage

I am a plumber and I was back at my plumbing shop thinking about issues in my life that I was having a hard time overcoming. I started thinking thoughts like: “How could God care about me, a hypocrite”, “I wonder if He will help me”, “am I really a Christian”? I finally realized these thought were coming straight from the devil and not me when I tried to stop thinking them and they seemed to be coming out of nowhere and wouldn’t stop (Ephesians 6:16). As soon as I realized that the source of these bad thoughts were the devil, I stood my ground and quoted God’s Word to the devil. I told him I was the head and not the tail and I was above and not beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13). I said I had Psalm 91 protection and nothing would harm me (Psalm 91, Luke 10:19). After I went on for quite some time quoting scriptures to the devil and claiming that I was a Christian and his lies would not work on me. I felt better and forgot the incident and continued on with my chores. I didn’t realize the next day I would be Shocked with High Voltage and these scriptures I was quoting would be instrumental in saving my life.

The Day I was Shocked with High Voltage

shocked with high voltageThe day I was shocked with high voltage was Saturday and I had work to do at my 87 acres. I had a creek that flowed into a 2 acre lake on my property. To keep the creek from washing out the dam there was a 12 inch overflow pipe installed thru the dam where the creek water could flow out and not affect the dam. The 12 inch pipe had a 90 degree elbow turned up and the water flowed into the top of the elbow. This elbow had fallen over on its side and it was draining water out of the lake. I decided to place a long pipe beside the elbow to strap the overflow pipe on ancattails where I was shocked with high voltaged drive it down into the mud with the help of my backhoe. There were some cattails growing next to the elbow, that looked just about like this picture. I placed one end of the pipe on the cattails and leaned the other end up against the bank of the dam. My intentions were to stand the pipe straight up and then pick it up off the cattails and try to drop it down into the mud beside the overflow elbow. Then I was going to reach out with my Backhoe and drive it down in the mud. I went to the end of the pipe and began to stand it up, just as I had it almost stood all the way up, the pipe touched the High-Voltage power lines that ran over the lake dam. I had totally forgotten they were there, all I was thinking about was how to fix the problem. As soon as the pipe touched the power line the electricity came down the pipe and thru my hands and out my feet standing on the muddy ground. I was looking down at the time and there was blue flames all around my feet. I could feel the electricity surging through my hands and out my feet felt like magnets pulling on the ground beneath. In that instant is when I remembered I had power lines above, I wasn’t thinking about them until I was Shocked with High Voltage. I turned loose of the pipe and stepped back and examined myself. I didn’t have any problems, no burns or anything other than I was shaking like a leaf from fright from being Shocked with High Voltage. My wife and daughter were at our house up the hill from me. The pipe bringing the High Voltage down through my body blew the transformer breaker for my house and adjacent neighbors. When the electricity went off in our house my daughter asked her mom: “is dad messing with the electricity”? My wife came down to the lake and asked what was going on and I told her how God had just saved my life when I was Shocked with High Voltage. I believe faith in God’s Word and quoting what I believed to the devil the previous day protected me. I don’t see any other way that I could be Shocked with High Voltage without any harm to me and be here to write this and tell you about it. God safely delivered me from being shocked with high voltage by the free gift of Righteousness of Jesus in my life.

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