Roosevelt Set Free From Demons by Jesus

Jesus Loves You

In 1987 my wife, daughter, a friend named Ken and I were on our way home from a meeting. We stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink. My daughter and I went in and a man was at the counter trying to buy some wine. The clerk was telling him he must leave and he was not allowed in that store. The clerk told us to step around him. We did and paid for our drinks and went to my car. As I was about to leave I saw the man step out of the store and he was near to my car so I rolled down the window and said to him: “Sir,”. He came to my window and stuck his head in the car, right up to my face, and said very loudly: “WHAT?” I said: “Jesus loves you.”

Money For Food from Jesus

Then he back up away from the window and saidJesus: “If Jesus loves me he would give me some money for some food.” I found out his name was Roosevelt, I told him I would not give him any money but if he would walk with me to one of the fast food places across the parking lot I would buy him something to eat. We walked to Taco Bell. This man was very tall and very strong, I am 5’10” and the top of my head came to his chin. As we walked to get food he asked me: “aren’t you afraid of me?” I said: “No, I just want to tell you how much Jesus loves you.” Again he said: “I was in special forces and I can kill people with my bare hands, aren’t you afraid of me?” I again told him no and I only wanted to tell him about Jesus and how much Jesus loved him.

When we reached Taco Bell, he purchased a chalupa and my friend Ken purchased a burrito.  Roosevelt thru his chalupa in the trash and grabbed Ken’s burrito, ripping half off he started shoving it in his his own mouth.

They will Cast Out Demons In Jesus Name

I knew he had demon problems so I said to him: “Roosevelt, lets go outside so I can pray for you?” He told me prayer wouldn’t do any good. I encouraged him to go outside anyway and he did. When we were outside, and away from the front door, I turned and reached up and put my hand on his head and said very loudly: “IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU DEMONS COME OUT OF HIM!” Roosevelt backed up and said: “I told you it wouldn’t do any good.” Then he started vomiting, and he fell over the railing near to him, into some bushes. He couldn’t get up and asked for help. After we got him out of the bushes Roosevelt was a totally different person.

Roosevelt was left whole, healed and in his right mind. We went to a nearby table and sat down and he told us how God had saved his life many times in Vietnam. Then the police drove up and told us that the store manager had called them and they wanted us off their property. Apparently the people in the store thought I threw Roosevelt over the railing, not knowing it was a demon that did that to him as it came out. The police told us Roosevelt was a very bad man, and he was not allowed in the local stores, and he had to leave. We left the parking lot with Roosevelt and told him more about Jesus… I still think about Roosevelt and wonder how he is doing… maybe God will cross our paths again.

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