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God Bless Them

Why Bless Them, They Cursed Me?

Luke 6:28
28Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

“What gives them the right to talk behind my back?” – “I cant believe they would treat me that way.” – “Who do they think they are, cursing at me?” – “I feel like all they want to do is use me.” All these attacks are common problems we face in a sinful, self centered world where people care more about their selves than others. When God was establishing the first covenant with Abraham He said: (I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse…) but under the new covenant we are told to bless them that curse us. Why would there be such a sudden complete turn around?

God Wants to Bless and Change Your Situation

bless youThe reason for this sudden change between the two covenants, where God curses those that curse you and now we bless those that curse us, is for our benefit. When a person is not walking in love they will treat others unkindly because they are adhering to the fallen state of man that Adam caused and satan orchestrates. When you tell that person “God Bless you”, even while they are treating you badly, you are giving them a powerful blessing from God allowing Him to work in their life and change them. When they become “Born Again“, or even if they already are a Christian, the old things are passed away and all things begin to become new to them. (2 Corinthians 5:17) This in turn changes what they were doing to you into conviction that they should show more love to you.

The Supernatural Way To Bless and Change Your Situation

In Romans chapter 8 we are told that we are no longer under the task master that the law had become to the people of God, giving them the tasks they needed to live by to get blessed. Now we have the spirit of God inside us because of this new covenant of love that is superior to the old covenant. With the Spirit of God inside us when we say “God Bless you” to someone it carries a lot of weight behind it giving the Spirit of God the open door to work in that persons life.

Beloved, Gods plan for you is a perfect plan and the blessings always come even when it seems like a difficult thing to do sending Gods blessings to those who curse you and despitefully use you. Begin to bless them that curse you and see the mighty works of God happen in not only their life but yours too. I pray that God will bless YOU!

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