I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Righteousness of Faith Speaks Romans 10: 6-8

I recently heard: “God does not give you what He says but gives you what you say.” It is true that God would like to give us what He says in His word but all too often we end up getting what we say with our mouth instead of what the Bible says we can have.

For example; the weatherman says “take cover there is a tornado on the ground”. God’s Word says ” no destruction shall come near your dwelling.(Psalm 91)” Too often we repeat what we believe will happen according to the weatherman and discard what God says will happen in His word.

Speak Faith with The Gift of RighteousnessI Can Do All Things Through Christ

My heart goes out to people who have had storms damage their homes. I also was a victim of a tornado that damaged my home. I had always heard this was an act of God but now I know it was not. It was an act of the forces of the earth that have been altered due to the curse that Adam brought upon the earth. I know now that I no longer have to be a victim to these altered forces for I have been redeemed from the curse.

When we see how tornadoes, hurricanes, and other destructive forces cause property damage it makes us wonder why this happened and what can we do to avoid this in the future. There is not much we can do in our selves to avoid these destructive forces other than claiming the key principle that brings Psalm 91 type deliverance. We can claim we have received the free gift of Righteousness through Jesus. By receiving this free gift we qualify to receive all the blessings that Jesus deserves and we don’t receive what we deserve. There is no way to earn this free gift from God. We have to receive it by faith and as the scripture say the righteousness of Faith speaks (Romans 10:6-8).

The Word is Near You in Your Mouth

Proverbs 4:23 says: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

When we believe and think correctly our words will follow. If our words don’t line up with Gods words then it is no fault of Gods that we are not in agreement with Him. To often God gets blamed for calamities that He didn’t cause like: “this sickness might be a blessing in disguise.” There is no such thing as a blessing in a curse. Sickness is a curse and does not contain blessings. Satan is a liar and the father of lies and would really like for people to believe God caused things to happen to them adversely. (John 8:44) Or you might hear someone say that God must have put a calamity on them to teach them something. God is not putting curses on anyone, He sent Jesus for everyone to be delivered from the curse. Jesus said His people perish for lack of knowledge and I feel sure when we Christians get to heaven we will see that there were many good things in abundance we missed out on that we didn’t know about.

The devil comes to steal Gods Word out of our grasp so that we will not use it and receive the Blood Bought Rights and Privileges that the righteousness of Jesus bought and paid for us to have. We feel regret for all the people who have suffered loss of life and property and wrote this devotional with them in mind. At Destiny Devotionals we don’t want the hurting to think that has to happen to them again or that God was responsible for the calamity. God is responsible for the solution and has freely given His best so that we can be saved from the curse of destruction through Jesus Christ our Lord. Beloved, when thoughts come into your mind that are contrary to what Gods Word says reject those thoughts and speak what Gods Word says instead. If you don’t understand what Gods word says then seek help to find out. There are many online helps you can Google for pertaining to what Gods Word says to find out just about anything or any situation. I have a search option in the top of my pages if you would like to do a search for a topic on Destiny Devotionals.

Beloved, the most important thing is to remember God loves you and He sent His Word to Bless you in all adversity. When you see storm’s of this world approaching speak God’s Word to the storm remembering Psalm 107:20: He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction’s. Many blessings to each of you!

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