James 5:14 Healing By Anointing With Oil

There was a lady who lived in some apartments close to my grandmother. My mother was visiting my grandmother and met this lady, who was my grandmothers neighbor. This lady told my mom she had cancer and if someone could just give her a ride to a faith church, where the elders would anoint people with oil and pray the prayer of faith, she believed she would be healed. My mother decided to take her to a church nearby for healing and she was prayed for by the elders, anointed with oil, and she was totally healed of the cancer. This elderly lady no longer needed chemotherapy and all her hair grew back.”This was faith in God’s Word in James 5:14, using the church as a point of contact. She was depending on God’s Grace and His promises to set her free. It really didn’t matter to her which church it was or what elders prayed the prayer of faith. It was just a point of contact to receive God’s promise to heal her. She had believed first and received just like Jesus tells us to do in Mark 11:24.

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