Miracle Ant Removal – Spiritual Pesticide

dead_ants_resizeNote on 4/23/2014 For more than two years these big red and black carpenter ants have invaded our home. Last year I tried several methods to kill them and none of the methods worked. This year I decided to take authority over the ants and tell them they had to leave my house. I spoke to the ants for two months and they didn’t retreat but instead became worse. We had ants everywhere, on the walls, in the food, dropping from the ceiling into our hair, in places I don’t want to mention. It was pretty bad, but I persisted in taking dominion over them and telling them to leave. God had been teaching me about the special gift of tongues He had given to mankind, and all the benefits of this gift so I decided to stop commanding the ants to leave and just ask God to say the prayer for me. Every-time I saw an ant I would point at the ant and say a prayer in tongues. Two weeks had passed and the ants were still there in full force and I asked God if there was something else I needed to do. I prayed and told the Lord if there is something else needed please let me know and I would do it. The next day my wife called to me and said I needed to get the vacuum and come vacuum up all the dead ants on the floor in the living room. I ran into the living room and saw 1,000’s of dead ants on the floor and instead of getting the vacuum I got my camera and took this picture of them. Then I vacuumed up the dead ants.

The Ants Came Back

I was overjoyed about the dead ants I vacuumed up, but the next day there were more ants in the house. I knew that God had killed the other ants and these ants were sent from the devil to try to steal God’s Word out of my heart. I just simply said a prayer in tongues and went about my business. God’s Word has been sewn into good ground in my heart and the devil was not going to get anywhere trying to remove the miracle God had done in my home. The next day in the same place was another pile of dead ants. I got the vacuum and cleaned them up. The next day I saw more ants on the front porch and I made a statement to them that they were pestilence and no pestilence shall come near my dwelling, (Psalm 91) then I prayed in tongues. The next day those ants were gone and another pile was dead on the floor. Praise The LORD! Note on 7/29/2017

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