Broken Neck Car Wreck Miracle Recovery

What Caused The Car Wreck

In October of 2001 my wife had a car wreck. She was driving a Jeep Grande Cherokee and the steering column came loose and she had no control over the steering. There was a recall on this Jeep model, due to the steering column problem, but we had not been told about it. As my wife was driving she lost control of the steering wheel and the front of the car hit the concrete abutment of a bridge railing. The concrete rail was so low that it caught the bottom front of the car causing the back of the car to fly up and over the front. The car landed on its top in the bottom of a creek. There was no one around to witness the car wreck and my wife was in the car upside down at the bottom of a creek bank. She did not realize that she was upside down and that the top of the car was smashed down on top of her. Her first thought was that she needed to get her purse and call me on the cell phone. The car was still running so she turned it off and picked up her purse looking for the cell phone. She did not realize the car was on fire.

God Sent Help To The Car Wreck

Another vehicle passed by and saw the car wreck and the fire burning and he stopped to look at it. He and another person were standing on the bank of the creek talking and my wife heard them. She called out for help because she couldn’t get the door open. The man ran to the car and was able to open the passenger door and pull my wife up and out of the Jeep. He helped her get to the road and just as they reached the road the car exploded into flames.  Someone called an ambulance and my wife asked for someone to use her phone and call me. I made it to the scene just as the ambulance was taking her to the hospital. In the hospital I focused on God’s Word and told Debbie that she would be OK for God had His hand on her.  After the x-rays we were told she had major injuries to her head and her neck was broken. Her lungs were damaged and had bulging disc’s in her back, muscle and nerve damage to her arm and numerous other injuries to her face and upper body.

Miracle Recovery From The Car Wreck

Debbie did not want a neck operation and have to wear a halo holding her head. She and my daughter prayed and asked for God to not let them do surgery. Later we found out they decided not to do surgery and that she could wear a neck brace until her neck break grew back together. They said the break was all the way thru but it was a perfect alignment of the fracture and should grow back just fine. In the hospital ICU room I came to visit her every day, for the three days she was in there, and read healing scriptures to her. We focused more on what God’s solution was for her recovery than what the doctors said their solution was.  There was broken glass in her eyes and none of the doctors would get it out. They were waiting on a special eye surgeon who would have to remove that.  I told them I wanted a box of cue-tips and I got all the broken glass out of her eyes without waiting. After they let her go from ICU to the hospital room I came there everyday reading scriptures and playing my guitar for her. She was only in the hospital room for four days and they released her to go home. The doctors and nurses were totally amazed that Debbie was doing so well and the recovery to all the fractures and pains were amazing. People would come to her hospital room and ask if she was the miracle girl who was having the miracle recovery from the car wreck. She felt so good that the following weekend we went on a camping trip. Later we were traveling with a Car Wreckfriend to south Texas. He told us that he had recovered from a broken neck accident, similar to Debbie’s car wreck, and every time the weather changed the arthritis in his neck would act up. He tried to tell my wife that she would have the same problem. My wife told him that she was healed by Jesus and she did not believe that she would have any re-occurring problems from arthritis or any other issues. It has been many years since that car wreck and she has never had arthritis or any other issues from the wreck. By His Word that she heard and believed she was healed.

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