Miracle Testimonies of God’s Goodness

I will be posting here different testimonies of how God has helped us and others thru His Word. Please send me testimonies of how God has miraculously helped you. I would like to post some of them here to bless readers with your testimonies.

Purpose of our Testimonies

The Daily Devotional post I send out everyday I try to make sure is uplifting and a positive message, I want this testimonies page the same. These testimonies are from miracle experiences myself and others have had. A scripture in Galatians says: 3:5 5 Therefore He who supplies the Spirit to you and works miracles among you, does He do it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?— If the Spirit is supplied to you by hearing of the miracles that God has done in my life and others my hope is that you are uplifted and encouraged to continue to believe God to supply to you all He has promised you in His Word. That soon you too will have testimonies to post here of your own.

Personal Testimonies

Most of these testimonies can be verified, especially the one on the About page with my wife’s tooth. When you think of the miracles written in the Bible if the same God that did those miracles is real why cant He continue to do them today? Hebrews 13: says: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. I think the miracles we receive in our lives is relative to the desire we have in our heart to know the God and Creator of all things. He can only be known thru His Son Jesus. As you read these testimonies, tell God your heart thoughts toward Him and ask Him to reveal Himself more to you from His word and you will soon have new miracle testimonies to share too!

More Testimonies

Miracle Ant Removal – Spiritual Pesticide

Note on 4/23/2014 For more than two years these big red and black carpenter ants have invaded our home. Last year I tried several methods to kill them and none of the methods worked. This year I decided to take authority over the ants and tell them they had to leave my house. I spoke […]

I was Shocked with High Voltage and Lived

In 1995 I was accidentally Shocked with High Voltage and lived to tell about it. I was having thoughts the day before this happened about my life as a Christian. I was mistakenly trying to earn the free gift of God’s righteousness by becoming deserving of it. Like most people, I was more conscious of […]

Speeding Ticket – Would God Help?

A Texas Speeding Ticket In Texas a speeding ticket is a summons to appear in traffic court, and there you make a claim of guilty or not guilty. I received a speeding ticket and made a plea of not guilty and asked for a jury trial. Then I spent some time writing motions to file […]

Trike Banquet Table Prepared for Me

I recently rode my Harley to a Harley Motorcycle Dealership to test drive a Harley Trike. I wasn’t intending on making a trade, I just wanted to test drive the trike and see what it rode like. When I test drove the trike I liked it, and out of curiosity I asked the salesman how […]

When It Didn’t Rain

Trusting God for no Rain At one time I had a distributorship installing Aerobic Treatment systems that covered Dallas and Tarrant counties in Texas. This testimony is about an installation project in 1995 I had scheduled in Dallas county, about an hour from my shop. To install an Aerobic Treatment system, we would have to […]

Roosevelt Set Free From Demons by Jesus

Jesus Loves You In 1987 my wife, daughter, a friend named Ken and I were on our way home from a meeting. We stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink. My daughter and I went in and a man was at the counter trying to buy some wine. The clerk was telling […]

James 5:14 Healing By Anointing With Oil

There was a lady who lived in some apartments close to my grandmother. My mother was visiting my grandmother and met this lady, who was my grandmothers neighbor. This lady told my mom she had cancer and if someone could just give her a ride to a faith church, where the elders would anoint people […]

Toro Lawn Mower Miracle

My Second Job And Toro Lawn Mower There was a time I decided to mow grass to make extra money, I have been self employed since 1982 and this is a testimony about a Toro Lawn Mower Miracle I received from God. Over time I had gained several customers and I needed a better faster […]

Broken Neck Car Wreck Miracle Recovery

What Caused The Car Wreck In October of 2001 my wife had a car wreck. She was driving a Jeep Grande Cherokee and the steering column came loose and she had no control over the steering. There was a recall on this Jeep model, due to the steering column problem, but we had not been […]

Miracle Return Of My Guitar Tuner

I was the music minister at our church some years back and a Gospel Band Ministry group came to our church to hold a one day service. It was a short notice arrival, known only between them and the pastor, and I had my guitar and music already set up before I knew they were coming. As I was putting up my equipment

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